29 04 2009

“Nobody can hear you Scream”
Former UK Ambassador gives Parliamentary Committee evidence of UK Government Complicity in Torture

Yesterday, Tuesday, former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, gave evidence to the UK’s parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights of what he believes is damning complicity of the UK government in receiving evidence obtained under torture.

The entire proceedings are recorded on video on the parliamentary TV video player and recorded on YouTube as well as included on the blog, Ten Percent. The first part of the YouTube video is to be seen below.

Unsurprisingly, events passed by the MSM with nary a comment, the exception being a report by the BBC hidden deep in one of its websites.

“Just before I gave my evidence to Parliament yesterday,” comments Craig Murray on his blog, “my sister Celia telephoned me to say that I would be speaking not for myself but for all those thousands who had suffered unspeakable torture around the World in the War on Terror, whose screams and sometimes death rattles were heard only by their torturers. She told me I was speaking for those who could not speak.”

“But I am completely astonished, and horribly depressed, that there has been almost no mainstream media of this quite sensational information.”

“I really cannot understand why no newspaper or TV channel has covered what is quite a startling development in a prominent continuing story on the use of torture in the War on Terror.”

“I had hoped that my evidence yesterday would be a significant step in ending the policy of obtaining intelligence from torture, and of bringing to account the ministers who approved it. But without any sign of public or media interest, the politicians will feel they can safely ignore the truth I told.”

This blogger sympathises with and supports Craig Murray’s feelings. Standing up to the lies and deceit of a corrupt government and establishment Craig Murray has campaigned tirelessly over several years for the truth to be known. Indeed, given the explosive nature of his story, it is singularly remarkable that his views were finally given an airing on the parliamentary JCHR. And given the huge investment made by the MSM in covering-up the government’s war criminality and complicity in torture it is hardly surprising that this signal event should have gone ignored.

In current parlance, Craig Murray’s appearance at the JCHR was nothing less than a defining moment that now must not be allowed to fall down the memory hole. If the MSM won’t cover it then the alternative media must. I am therefore appealing to all those active in the blogosphere to post this information far and wide. The world must hear the truth.

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A lengthy and insightful interview with Craig Murray is at Lenin’s Tomb: “A man of the highest principle”: an interview with Craig Murray.


28 04 2009

Dr Michael Hudson talks about Icelandic Debt

Though specifically addressed to Iceland, Dr Hudson’s comments are equally relevant to any other country which might be subject to IMF debt vassalry. The message is simple: Don’t Pay!

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27 04 2009
“The Way we were and What we are Becoming”
With Financial Economist and Historian, Dr Michael Hudson

4 March 2009We begin with an analysis of the continuing bailout of insurance giant AIG and Monday’s stock market selloff; price and debt deflation; the two sectors of the economy; two definitions of ‘free markets’; the classical economists; revolution from the right and the former Soviet states; the threat of war; IMF/World Bank resurgence; the dollar versus the euro; analogies to Rome, neo-feudalism.

27 04 2009

Gerald Celente: Expect 25% Unemployment

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Gerald Celente: $2000 Gold and the Break up of the US

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27 04 2009

Dr Michael Hudson on the Banksters and Kleptocrats

According to Dr Hudson the rulers in antiquity knew more about dealing with financial crises than our economic ‘experts’ do today. Left to our own rulers what is being created is an oppressive international kleptocracy on neo-feudal lines.

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26 04 2009

The Financial Barbarians at the Gate
With financial economist and historian, Dr. Michael Hudson

Europe; worsening financial situation and indebtedness; the history of banking and the criminalization of the banking system; tax policy; real estate asset inflation; US imperialism via the monetary system; neoliberal/neofeudal economics; classical political economy; finance capital breaking away from industrial capital; the financial crisis leading to a political crisis; similarities with the Roman Republic; what measures labor should take.

Guns and Butter – April 15, 2009 at 1:00pm

Click to listen (or download)

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26 04 2009

Printing Police Lies

The policing of the G20 protests at the beginning of this month was routine. Policemen hiding their identification numbers and beating up peaceful protesters is as much a part of British life as grey skies and red buses. Across 20 years of protests, I have seen policemen swapping their jackets to avoid identification, hurling people against vans and into walls and whomping old ladies over the head with batons …

The police behave like this, despite the opprobrium of left and right, because they know they will get away with it. They know that the government won’t rein them in; that the Independent Police Complaints Commission eats out of their hands; that the sternest sanction an officer can expect for beating or killing a passer-by is some extended gardening leave. They know that in a few days’ time the rightwing press will revert to publishing stories about the anarchist baby-eaters seeking to turn Britain into a bloodbath.